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Guillotine Glass Systems

Guillotine Glass Systems are automatically glass panels with unique vertical operation. It moves vertically in the lower part of the sash structure as well as known window methods. This new glass system has many advantages. All commercial spaces (Cafe, Restaurant, Shop Showcase, Shop, Hotel) Balcony, Patio, Winter Gardens, Pergola Systems, Terraces, Pool sides, Room Windows, Interior partitions and so on. places available.


Suitable for balconies and terraces
Opening and closing can be done by remote control.
Field of view does not deteriorate.
Full protection against rain and wind.
Automatic vertical opening, superior comfort
Panoramic design and seamless landscape
Automatic level controllable ventilation
Glass balustrade on high floors and balconies
Wind protection in all outdoor areas, such as terraces
Easy operation and safety for elderly and children
Design and profile color options for every place
The bottom panel glass in the system is fixed, so it acts as a railing when closed.
The movement of the system can be stopped at the desired height and used if necessary.
The support profiles are used to minimize the stretching of the windows to larger dimensions.
Adjustable glass levels provide effective protection against reverse winds.
The system provides a high level of thermal insulation with optional insulating glasses.


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