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10 Reasons for Placing a Pleat Curtain

Quality Fabric
It is produced from 100% domestic polyester fabrics. It is highly resistant to tearing.

The pleat curtain, which is at the forefront with its stylish and modern designs, impresses people with its appearance.

Simple Cleaning
It can be cleaned even with a damp cloth, all you have to do is to remove it from the socket and clean it in warm water with a little detergent.

Easy to Use
You can easily open and close with a single hand gesture.
Dirt and Stain Repellent
Even the most demanding stains are spilled on dirt, dust and stains.

Water Sensitivity
Perdenizin üzerine su dökülmesi durumunda, perdenin kumaşı suyu hapsetmez ve olduğu gibi yere dökülmesini sağlar.

Flame Resistant
If small flames such as cigarette ash come into contact with the curtain, it does not immediately ignite like other curtain types, but in long contact only
the hole is opened and the flame does not proceed.

Space Saving
Your curtain rests only on the frame it is attached to. In the closed state, it occupies 10 cm in height and 5 cm in width. This allows you to save space.
Non-yellowing and colorfast
It is resistant to harmful sun rays or fumes and does not cause yellowing or fading. 

Long lasting
You can use it for long years in terms of usage. There is no aging and wear of the ropes and fabrics over time.


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